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We provide Latinos across the US the opportunity to learn technical skills to work in the construction industry.

Our online, easy-to-follow format in Spanish includes Blueprint Reading, Professional Estimating, 3D Design and Modeling, Interior Design and Decoration, English, Math, and more.

Our Journey:

During the lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of Latinas lost their source of income. Construction was considered an essential business. That’s when we started our educational program to train them and help them to work in construction. Even when our programs are low cost, there are many women who cannot afford to participate. So, we created a scholarship program and have donated around 40 scholarships to women in need. The initial couple of programs evolved in a couple of dozens, and we have more coming. Our goal is to help as many Latinas as possible can, to work in construction and even to become construction subcontractors if they wish to.

The reality of the immigrant has its bitter side.

“Immigrants leave their land looking for a better future, but upon arrival they encounter situations that are very difficult to overcome. A person who can't communicate is a ‘half’ of a person, at least that's how they feel. Not being able to express themselves properly, being seen and treated as a small child, not being able to get what they need, despite all their other abilities, affects their self-esteem and generates a gray perception of their possibilities. Doubts appear about the 'better future' that they came for and that had cost them so many sacrifices and tears.

We believe that learning the language of the country where you live is a human right. That's why we've developed a free English program to reset those 'half' people and help them reach their full potential.”

Edith Yanez – Founder
Our Motto: One hand washes the other and both wash the face.
Get Involved

Latinas in Construction is a private initiative but is working to become a non-for-profit organization.
Currently, our funding comes from students and generous people who buy a scholarship for a Hispanic woman in need. Scholarships are distributed among a pool of applicants, all eager for an opportunity to turn their lives around.
Keep up to date with our work as we continue changing lives, supporting families, and children.
By buying a scholarship you can help us to change lives, please follow the link below to help a Latina to start her journey in the construction industry. Thank you!

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