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Welcome to our site:
For many Latinas work outside the house is still an uphill battle. Despite the common belief in the Hispanic culture that women are destined to primarily work at home and take care of the family, many Latinas work full-time, but there are some industries where culture doesn’t “allow” them to work, one of them is construction. In the mind of too many people, this has been and will be, a men-only territory.

Encouraging and training Latinas to work in the construction industry feels, on many occasions, as a violation of the rules and norms, as some may say, “a direct attack to the culture”, but we are not here to attack anyone. We just want to open doors to women in construction by providing them the skills and knowledge to obtain a license or to find a job, so they can fulfill their dreams and potential. We pledge to support as many women as we possibly can and connect them with work opportunities, because we believe that when a woman succeeds, we all succeed.

And that’s the reason we have created Latinas in Construction, an initiative to support Latinas in their path to the construction industry.

Who we are:
We are professional women of Hispanic origin, working in the construction industry in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We have created the Latinas in Construction initiative to inspire, encourage, and train Hispanic women, so they can enter and prosper in the construction industry nationwide by:

  • Online educational programs in Spanish
  • Business creation
  • Obtaining licenses and certifications
  • Mentor Programs for entrepreneurs
  • Create awareness of Latinas’ challenges and obstacles at work

What we want:
  • To find job opportunities for Latinas in the construction industry,
  • To encourage the growth and development of Latinas in construction,
  • To change the stereotypes that Hispanics lack the formality to work with large companies,
  • To raise awareness of the daily challenges of Latinas at work,
  • To expand Latinas’ horizons, break down barriers, and create changes for this and the future generations.

What we believe:
We believe in the infinite potential of women, those who work during the day and do not sleep at night, thinking, dreaming, and mapping their future.
We believe in the woman who strives, the one who works outside the house and the ones who want to do it.
We believe in the woman who wants to learn, the one who acknowledges her shortcomings and seeks to improve.
We believe in the woman who secretly dries her tears and takes courage, even when she feels she can’t take it any longer.
We believe in the woman who struggles, the one who falls and overcome again and again.
We believe in the indefatigable woman, who multitasks and struggles to balance work and family.

What we know:
We know that there is an unmet need of qualified workers in the construction industry and that this may be an opportunity for Latinas.
We know that Latinas want a better life, a better future, and financial stability.
We know that Latinas want to learn the tools necessary to work in construction.
We know that Latinas want and can work in construction.
We know that Latinas can be up to the task.
We know that Latinas can count on the support of our American friends, men and women in construction.  

What we are looking for:
We are looking for real opportunities for Latinas; for entrepreneurs and for workers, so they can succeed and prosper and can open doors for other Latinas who will come later.  
We are looking to build bridges for the integration of their sons and daughters in construction, and to pave the way to a better future.
We want Latinas to come together, to solve their own problems, to face and overcome their challenges, UNITED. We want to see them becoming a source of inspiration for the women around them and those living in their countries of origin.

We are Latinas. We want to work, succeed, and prosper in the construction industry.

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1050 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 500. Washington DC 20036
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